10 Must-Do Tasks the First MCAT Study Week

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We know what it feels like: being inundated with the ocean of content the MCAT supposedly covers.

If you are reading this: rest assured - you finally have a straight and narrow path to your 528.


The only way to traverse a map is a straight line: which happens one step at a time.

We've paved a route. Explore it to your medical future....

MCAT Adventure: 10 Must-Do Tasks the First Week of Studying for the MCAT
D-Day Day 2: Supply Day Day 3: Environment Destination Day Day 4-5: Scope the ENTIRE MCAT Day 6: Combat Training Ideal Study Laptop MCAT Study Environment Shared Study Calendar


Day 1 is incredibly important to place on your calendar. If you are reading this post: it should be within the next few weeks. Don't postpone your MCAT study D-Day. Or the war will already be over.

Day 2: Supply Day

On Day 2, you should accomplish step 1, step 2, and step 6.

This is your supply day: where you prioritize your first essentials - an AAMC account, AAMC official test prep supplies, and supplies we recommend from our website.

Regarding MCAT Adventure, journey-specific supplies will always be listed before the relevant journeys. Scout out your trails and order beforehand so you aren't left waiting.

Day 3: Environment Destination Day

On day 3, you scope MCAT testing window in step 3 and reconfigure your entire environment to get you there in step 4 and step 5.

Day 4-5: Scope the ENTIRE MCAT

Supplies? Check.
Destination? Check.
Environment? Check.

Now you need the map. Days 4-5 lay the foundation of your entire study plan. In step 7 you will eat the MCAT. In step 8, you will boil down every topic covered by the MCAT into 10 concepts.

Day 6: Combat Training

Without a taste of the battle - you'll likely NEVER be ready.

Today, you do a single passage of each of the four sections. Like a dive into a cold swimming pool - it may feel horrible. But you are now in.

After completing step 9, you can move onto step 10: where you schedule your first full-length practice exam less than or equal to three weeks away (step 10).

Ideal Study Laptop

Respectful of your budget, a laptop is not only an investment for MCAT prep: it is - more importantly - an investment for your future career as a physician.

Prioritize your AAMC expenses first: MCAT exam and official practice materials. After this; we highly recommend considering the laptop you use.


I used to hate Macbooks. After the death of my third Windows Laptop - I decided to cave into a Macbook Pro. It paid for itself in four months.

With the processing power - I was able to juggle a research job, MCAT prep, an artist side-career, and coding. Moreover, it runs Windows.

Get yours here. Consider our other recommended/wallet-friendly laptops here ($300 - $2,300).

MCAT Study Environment

This is precisely the study environment step 4 will teach you how to set up.

In case you were wondering, that book in the background is the Amino Acid Legend. It's a book we are quite proud of - because it is, as far as we know, the first ever mnemonic storybook for Biology's alphabet. You WILL be tested on amino acids in the MCAT.

Sample it here.
Get it here.

Shared Study Calendar

MCAT Adventure: Avoid MCAT Burnout

Part of creating your study environment is creating your study calendar: an invaluable tool not only for a reality-check, but for accountability.

While part of step 4, it absolutely doesn't hurt to skip to this journey step, and start with setting up a calendar using Google Calendar.