How to Create A Recharge Environment Goal

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If you are studying as hard as you should: you will burn out.
Most of the time, people go straight to their smartphones, or rely on "wrecking-ball" habits like pornography, drugs, or overeating.


In ten steps, we'll show you how to swap these destructive desires and build stations to recharge your brain: be it rest, exercise, books, walking, or anything that is actually refreshing!

How to Create An MCAT Recharge Environment Goal
Exercise Pad Milliard Peanut Bosu Ball Rest/Prayer Blanket WATER MCAT Study Environment Hobby Bag of Books

Exercise Pad

MCAT Adventure: MCAT Exercise Pad

This pad is not only dense, it's amazing for burpees: the most effective full-body exercise and study recharge.

Get it here.

Milliard Peanut

MCAT Adventure: Budget Mind over Matter Device

The peanut is strange: but highly functional. Use it for upper abdominal exercises, as a budget alternative to the Bosu Ball, for stretching, or study plank.

Get it here.

Bosu Ball

MCAT Adventure: Mind over Matter

This terrific workout investment is like buying a six pack.
A six pack won't get you a perfect MCAT score, but working out your abs is the same thing as flexing your spine: it is actually terrific for your Central Nervous System, posture, and mental acuity.
One of the best purchases I have ever made.

Get it here.

Rest/Prayer Blanket

MCAT Adventurer Shield Blanket

There's sleep.
And then there's rest.

There's a difference. It is not a bad idea to take a 15 minute break and pray about what you just learned. Try stretching out our shield blanket below, putting in ear plugs, and an eye mask; and visualizing all the AAMC topics you just covered.

I honestly can't think of a more recharging study habit.

Since the blanket in the photo is unavailable: we made our own.
Get your special blanket here.


Don't forget to hydrate! Neurotransmitters can't fire neurons if your brain is the desert!

MCAT Study Environment

This journey is all about setting up an MCAT Recharge Station: ideally it should be next to your MCAT Study Environment - but every situation is different.

To find out how to set up this study environment, check out this Journey.


While I'm not saying to go out and buy a piano, why not a keyboard? I personally am a painter - and love to just give myself a few minutes to make something - even if said creation ends up in the garbage.

Bag of Books

At hand's reach from my desk is a travel bag of fun books to reach for. Not only are you studying for CARS by enhancing your comprehension: you give yourself time to test how easily you "forget" the material you just learned.