How to Memorize the Periodic Trends

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There are typically 1-2 MCAT questions about periodic trends: you don't want to miss these easy-money points.

Many people - however - miss these questions, because they don't invest the half hour necessary to truly test if they have a grasp on these concepts. The beauty of learning the periodic trends are multifaceted:

They not only assist with direct questions concerning Basicity, Electromagnetism, Electron Affinity, First and Second Ionization Energies, and Acidity; they moreover reinforce your comprehension of Chemistry concepts - saving tremendous heartache later on in Foundational Concept 5.

MCAT Adventure: How to Memorize the MCAT Periodic Trends
Laminator Sleeve MCAT Official Periodic Table Staedtler Marker Tissue Paper Water MCAT Study Factory Coffee

Laminator Sleeve

MCAT Adventure: OPTIMAL Lamination Sheets

This Scotch Laminating Sleeve is from the same supplies we use in the highly recommended Eternalizing Study Notes Journey. Instead of wasting money buying transparency film, we thought it best to promote getting more mileage from materials serving dual purpose. If you are against our study methods: feel free to get this transparency film instead.

If not, you can get the sleeves here...
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MCAT Official Periodic Table

MCAT Adventure: How to Memorize the MCAT Periodic Trends

This is the exact Periodic Table of Elements the AAMC gives you, except in physical form. Studying with Test Day material not only prepares you for true conditions: it is a helpful transition into the electronic testing format.

You can download the image we provide or get it by creating your own AAMC account and accessing your Practice Material.

On the actual exam, you will be able to access the table as one of several keyboard shortcuts.

Staedtler Marker

MCAT Prep Environment: MCAT Testing Board Colored Pens

This must-have gear not only contains the black marker you will have in the real MCAT - it is a terrific study tool when paired with a practice tablet or, in this case, with a lamination sheet. Write on glass, certain plastics, or any shiny surface and erase with water.

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Tissue Paper

MCAT Adventure: Kleenex Box

See! they aren't only for tears after all!

Kleenex are an often overlooked MCAT essential: great for wiping away the Test Board Marker - which you should use often with the testing board.

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MCAT Adventure: Filtered Water Bottle

If you are against the pictured use of plastic, BPA-filled water: I highly recommend using filtered water by Brita. This is not only helpful in this tutorial - used for wiping off the transparency - but also for keeping energy levels steady.

MCAT Study Factory

In case you were wondering...

This is my MCAT Study Factory Bin - a repurposed gift from my younger sister: it plays an integral part in my lamination-sticky-note method I completely spell out in this Journey.


MCAT Adventure: Best MCAT Energy Drink

Yes...that is indeed coffee.

Let's face it - unless you have disciplined your body - coffee is a useful study tool.
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