How to Register with AAMC

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If this journey seems unnecessary: that is great for you. As long as you have an account, feel free to move on.
Most Pre-Meds are afraid of the AAMC: because it affects their future, they rely only on their university structure and refuse to go onto the AAMC website.
The job of the AAMC is to try and make more doctors. They are projecting a doctor shortage. Now that you have this website and theirs: use them to help you.
The below three steps show that there is absolutely nothing to fear in making an AAMC account. You aren't applying yet!

Create an AAMC Account
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Creating an Account


Find out how to easily make an AAMC Account in three steps below.
Without an account:

You won't be able to register for the MCAT
You won't be able to apply to Medical School
You won't have the best MCAT Prep resources...etc.

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There's no need to go through this journey, just ensure you have bookmarked the AAMC website for easy access.