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Mike Mars
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03/08/2020 12:44 am  

Hi guys, Mike again.

Psychology/Sociology is perhaps the most unpredictable or most predictable section of the MCAT. I wrote an article fully fleshing out the below tips, but here is a condensed version if you are short for time (who isn't!).

I hope you guys can pitch in with your own advice - but here are my tips and tricks for the section:

  • DON'T rely on your coursework or even Psychology major (if you have one)
  • DO rely on AAMC's framework - shared with Khan Academy
  • Prioritize context over content: build a hierarchy of vocabulary
  • DO heavily use the strikethrough shortcut to eliminate all answers outside the context of the question's topic
  • DO ensure you have a good understanding of statistics (articles to come...if you are taking before then, please email me or ask openly on the forum)
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