I know what many are thinking: "How can a blog addressing a scientific career possibly recommend the Bible?"

If indeed this echos your thoughts, then you are as bad a skeptic as I once was. For a true skeptic directly examines the primary source before taking any man's bias first. Truth, entire, is based on this principle.

Thus, need I ask you: "Have you read every Word of the Bible?"

If you take the opinions of others at face value, then not only are you ill equipped to be a researcher: you are ill equipped to be a doctor.

This site delivers on its seemingly ridiculous promise: to equip prospective physicians to fight the forces of death.  Death - as inevitable to you as the period at the end of this sentence - has only been defeated by One Being.

The Source of Life. 

If you are like myself in your shoes years ago, I quietly felt words like "Bible" a signal of idiocy. Outrageous adherence to outdated ritualistic practices against all "unquestionable evidence". Until I realized, these words described my "agnostic" self. I was not there at the dawn of Time. NO person was. Nor were you. I was not there at the supposed adaptive speciation shifts. NO person was. Nor were you. These are extrapolations a chorus of fallible men name true and said chorus ridicules when resisted. What is that if not ritualistic practice? Religion.
For a person to declare there is no God, they must first first have the power of God. The cones and rods of your retinae only take in 390 to 700 nanometers of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Your tympanic membrane can only reproduce 20 to 20,000 vibrations per second of all there is to hear. Tactile neurons only orchestrate symphonic impressions  of the outside forces disturbing them. Olfactory and gustatory receptors are limited to the handful of genes that code for them. Tell me, if you are so omniscient as to declare there is no God, why then have you not cured cancer nor are rendered unable to even predict your next visit to the toilet?
If I told you that your current textbook could be self-assembled - against entropy - with all the right ingredients, energy, and a proper amount of time; you would rightfully call me a lunatic. Yet, here we are - systems of codependent organs - existentially AGAINST fundamental entropy - with every variable cell coordinating from a consistent ribonucleic language far more complex than any book imaginable. And this supposedly assembled itself in a manner of eons. Evolution IS a belief system.
So...why not take the Bible - a book that describes the spherical Circle of the Earth, a cycle of water, light transmitting information, a spatial firmament, temporal relativity, and dinosaur-like behemoths  - literally? For one - I never read every Word of it. Only what fallible people described of it. The true reason, was because I couldn't admit that I wasn't God. I couldn't believe I was less than Something INFINITELY Greater than myself. Something that can Speak and Create. Something that can flood the entire Earth - a mere rock in a cosmotic hydrospherically surrounded firmament of Spoken Creation. And on this note: is it not true that Words outside Time, may Speak and Create? For Truth is Word tethered to Action. We are but an echo of this distant Father - bags of dust brilliantly coordinating from instructions passed from said Creator.
People are deluded. Thus, they say not to read the Bible.
But... given people are deluded, don't trust people. Trust God.
People are deluded. Thus, I say to read the Bible.
An eternity of damnation is far worse than bombing the MCAT.
You cannot earn your way out of damnation.
If indeed you ace the MCAT, become a terrific physician, and reject the Truth: the dust of time will shroud your actions in the book of forgetfulness. Learn to make your treatments not merely temporal: but eternal.

Buy this book. Read it aloud. Worst comes to worst: the text and referential system will help you prepare for CARS.

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