MCAT Memory Preserver: Best Laminator Sleeves, Laminator

From the makers of Scotch® Tape come the best lamination sheets I have used. Hence, I call them the MCAT Laminator Sleeves. Preserve your greatest notes with your choice of laminator: Scotch, Amazon, or Abox.

If you are on the fence about buying any laminator, and wonder why in the world such a strange tool is useful, please read below. I do actually use one to study.

MCAT Laminator Sleeves. My favorite lamination sheets to preserve your best notes for your choice of laminator: Scotch, Amazon, or Abox.

What?! A Laminator?! Yup...You betcha:

If you are a mere mortal, your memory seems to go as often as your toilet is flushed. That is how the mind works: discarding 90% of the day's intake.

How - then - do you keep more? You make the best temporary items - like certain sticky notes - permanent. In fact, this is precisely how good and bad habits work with synaptic pruning in your own mind. Innovate. Innovate. Innovate. Trash. Trash. Preserve.

Laminate your best. Trash the rest.

Study your best. Ace the test.

MCAT Adventure™: Equipment "Essential: Optimal" Rating
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Towards fulfilling an essential MCAT preparation accomplishment, this product receives an "OPTIMAL" award.

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