Optimal MCAT Sleeping Kit

If you haven’t flown recently (like I haven’t, given COVID-19), then this handy sleep pack will make a world of difference: not only in your MCAT Prep, but in your life. Try putting on, not only for sleep – but rest. Lie down for 15 minutes and review, review, review while staring into the void.

The biggest mistake I made in my first official MCAT was simple: I couldn't sleep. Too excited and ambitious, my thinking slowed the next day. No amount of caffeine could jolt me back into shape. That is NOT how you run a marathon.

Running a marathon ought to be easy by the time Race Day comes. Hence, learn to sleep NOW. Build a great schedule NOW. Even if you can only sleep three hours - make it the best three hours of sleep you can get in said time.

Sleep is not only for health - but it is a grand opportunity to test your knowledge retention. Review what you learned today for the MCAT, pray, put on the Eye Mask and Ear Buds, and in review while facing the void, awake the next day, pray, and test your knowledge retention without visual cues. If it survived the night, it is stronger than most things you learned yesterday.

MCAT Adventure™: Equipment "Essential: Optimal" Rating
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Towards fulfilling an essential MCAT preparation accomplishment, this product receives an "OPTIMAL" award.

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