This 16 inch Mac Book Pro was awarded with MCAT Adventure’s “OPTIMAL” award as equipment for MCAT practice. I know…the Apple tax. Coming from someone who HATED Apple, it finally took my third Windows laptop crash during a research imaging session to finally switch over. I never looked back. In a single year, the feats I could accomplish with this beast paid for itself 20-fold! Never wait for your laptop to load again. Get that 528, and accomplish feats to pay back the Apple tax.

Oh, did I mention Apple runs Windows?

You may wonder why this site recommends computers for MCAT Prep.

However, computers ought to be where you simulate Test Day, because quite frankly - you will test on one.

As much as I hate to admit it, the PC quality you own has more socioeconomic impact on your life than your clothing fashion. It took me $3,000 wasted on four years of Windows laptops to realize I had poured more time and money not investing in a high-end machine. The $3k investment I later begrudgingly made on my Macbook Pro paid for itself 20-fold the year I purchased it. This Macbook is what I still use to build this website. Also...Macs run Windows - so I have never looked back.

Becoming a doctor is an investment. You ought not commit financial suicide, but in a world of fast-paced distractions - having a responsive machine that never fails is absolute make-it or break-it.

Your budget does matter: so MCAT Adventure advocates 3 laptops for Medical School preparedness: (1) the Macbook Pro 16 inch, (2) the Microsoft Surface Pro, and a (3) Budget Microsoft Surface Go.

MCAT Adventure™: Equipment "Essential: Optimal" Rating
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Towards fulfilling an essential MCAT preparation accomplishment, this product receives an "OPTIMAL" award.

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