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MCAT Adventure: Begin Your Journey: The Best MCAT Prep Course

CARS Introduction: Enter the CARS Courtroom

Welcome to the CARS Courtroom. CARS is the most dreaded MCAT section. It is also the most misunderstood. In a past post, where I had readers eat the MCAT to simplify it - CARS was the salad. To reiterate: salads are purposeful. They are healthy and ought to be eaten....

B/B Introduction: Life’s Good Stuff

This is what you've been waiting for: Life's good stuff. After the CARS Courtroom, we enter familiar territory: Biology. Life's good stuff...meaning? Information you will actually need to know as a medical physician. Precisely what you signed up for. The Biological...

Building MCAT Discipline: Don’t Miss the MCAT Train

Building MCAT Discipline Are you on a train? Are you studying for the MCAT? Which question is easier to answer? Most would choose the first question. Why? Because there are clear cues to support a strong "yes" and "no". You're either on the train or off it. The MCAT...

The Best Amino Acid Mnemonic: Memorize the Amino Acids

Memorizing the amino acids isn't an easy task. But - if you have or pursue a healthcare career - it is an absolutely necessary task. Most people take the route of torture: using Anki or rewriting the structures ad nauseum. These noble methods work short-term - but...

Let’s Simplify the MCAT: by EATing it

How do you simplify the MCAT? How do you condense a 7.5 hour test - or 5.75 hours until late 2020 - that covers Reading Comprehension, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physiology, Neurobiology, Psychology, and Sociology? You take an...

P/S Introduction: Be A P/S Context King

Welcome to the MCAT Endgame. Every adventure has an end. Every book has a final chapter. Every TV Show has a finale. Every chess match has an endgame. Many times, it isn't what you expect. You have just arrived in MCAT Wonderland. To survive the ending, you need to be...

C/P Introduction: Wield the C/P Pocketknife

Wield Your C/P Pocketknife   Welcome. To. The. Hunger Games. MCAT. It's time for battle. Did you bring your weapon? The Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems (C/P) Section may be rigorous, but is completely manageable. Most people scramble to...

The Three R’s of Remembering Anything

There's no point learning anything if you forget it. This is especially true with the MCAT. Once you correctly categorize the information, how do you retain it? Here's food for thought: If you can't recall what MCAT material you covered, said study time was wasted....

Getting into the Correct MCAT Mindset

What is the correct MCAT mindset? Have you ever jumped out of a comfy bed?Taken a cold shower? Sprung into a jog? Dived into a swimming pool? Started driving the first time?  These experiences are doubtlessly painful. However, something almost miraculous happens, if...

MCAT Time Management: The 20 Biggest MCAT Time Wasters, and How to Handle Them

Poor MCAT time management is the largest foil to a perfect score.Everything about the MCAT - test prep companies, content review, the Pre Med experience, and the exam itself - seems to shout from the rooftops, "You don't have enough time!"The truth is the opposite.You...

Remember when “I love life!” was the adequate motivator for why you wanted to be a doctor?

Then life got messy.

We know: College is busy.



“I’ll make time to study.” 

…Three Months Later…. 

What was the MCAT again?




 That ends today.

MCAT Adventure: a site equipping you for the MCAT.  

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The MCAT is only four exams:

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You’ve faced harder.

Don’t Study the Imaginary Giant in the Garden…

Just Study the Garden.


So You Can Love Life Again. 

For to become a warrior against the forces of death…


One must first love life… 

And Wield It.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone. Take This.

Every epic adventure needs equipment.

The MCAT is no different.

You’re already going to invest in your studies.

Instead of piling on more debt with unaffordable classes: we decided to run our site off items you will need to ace the MCAT.

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